Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have this question, which says that what pilots exactly do. Well, as per Alireza Onghaei, pilots today have become much more than operators. They are responsible for the safety, economic and timely flight results. Even though flying is the key definition of the pilot’s career, there is much more to it. From managing the ground operations, such as catering, refueling, loading of the aircraft, to checking the weather route, they cover all of it. Besides this, fuel consumption, technological engine specifications, hydraulics, and electrical systems are also controlled by a pilot.

The pilot training helps you get the needed knowledge, expertise, and skills to become a professional pilot.

  • Good skills in teamwork
  • Effective concentration;
  • Good coordination from hand to eye
  • The ability to stay relaxed under pressure
  • Ability to lead

You would need to pass a medical test before beginning the pilot training.

Alireza Onghaei says that nowadays, you will not hear about the term copilot in the aviation sector. There is just talk of a pilot flying and a pilot not flying, as we have mentioned above. Anyone who has received a pilot license is a pilot, even if it is a glider pilot. By Copilot, several are pointing to the First Officer. He/she is graded below the captain and typically is the second liable pilot present onboard the aircraft. That being said, it is significant to mention that both pilots are similarly qualified and will fly the plane independently. If the pilot drops out, the First Officer can then land the plane safely.
The training for the pilot will take a lot of your effort. To become a pilot, you do not just need the theoretical part, but the experience will also matter a lot, along with discipline and confidence. Your target, which you need to strive, is to be confident enough. If you are getting trained yourself for just flying a plane to fly around with friends, then the training needed for that will be less than a professional pilot. So, it is on your goals and dedication in the training which makes it hard or easy.
Alireza Onghaei has said that currently, there is a scarcity of commercial pilots. However, this shortage of pilots does not mean that you can get the job easily. Instead, commercial pilots’ scarcity implies that there have been no appropriate professional pilots in the sector. It is because the criteria for airline pilots go much further than those required to acquire a permit.
We all know that pilot training costs a lot and can become a huge financial risk if not completed properly. Hence, to get into the training, the majority of the students prefer taking up a loan. You can also get selected in the cadet training programs of any airline. They provide you with pre-funded or other funding models with certain precautions. This makes it easy for you to complete the proper training.