About Me

I started my business after finishing education in accounting and management in 1999 in Tehran and year after that I moved to Dubai and register onghaei general trading LLC company in UAE for import and export .
I worked with so many companies in hotel supplies and computer supplies and also hospital supplies. We had a import and from Chinese company’s and ,also European companies of Dubai and export to other countries in the our customers in all of rather word until 2009. After 2009 I moved to Canada and I started investing in properties and development and some other businesses well.
In 2010 I decided to start education in aviation in Canada and finally I finished my courses and I got my pilot licence as well.
I flied with a lot of different airplanes in Canada.

Alireza Onghaei


Check out my flight Video

Alireza Onghaei – علیرضا عنقایی

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My flight video

Alireza Onghaie – علیرضا عنقایی