Top 4 Ways To Earn Airline Miles

Since they started more than three decades ago, frequent flyer programs have undergone as many transformations as the aviation industry itself. While it’s still feasible to accrue some significant rewards—or waste precious time accumulating points, you’ll never use—programs today look quite different from those of a few years earlier. Here are a few ways Alireza Onghaei- علیرضا عنقایی shares to make most of them.

Focus on Where You Are Flying

You’re sure to reap enough points to actually get something in return if you’re focusing on just a few airlines operating the routes you frequent. It’s a smart move to have 100,000 points with one airline than 10,000 with ten each. Note that points may also expire if your account remains inactive over a certain period of time (usually 18 months). 

Also, you’re going to need to track any account you launch else there’s a risk of losing your miles—another reason for keeping a tab.          z

Considering their Partners

Many airlines are part of the network of domestic and international carriers. Alireza Onghaei- علیرضا عنقایی shares that these organizations, which you become part of by registering for a member airline’s frequent flyer program, entitles you to earn, merge and redeem miles from any partner airline as well. Again, which of these you might like to become part of will rely on the airlines you’re flying first and foremost. Their associates are listed on their websites.

Dine Out

Another great way to stack points and prevent them from expiring is to connect your credit card to a frequent – flier dining programme. When you are charged a meal on that card at the partaking eatery, you will earn points depending on the tab size.

Leveraging shopping portals

Many airline companies also have shopping websites on their frequent – flier portals. By going to the page and clicking through to the participating retailer, you can accumulate rewards on your purchases.

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